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1 POSC 150 Exam #4 Study Guide How to use this study guide: This study guide should provide a starting point for your studying. By going through the guide and answering the questions, you should get a sense of what you know and what you need to study more. Use this to test your knowledge of the material and identify areas you need to improve upon. NOTE: You are responsible for all the material covered since the last exam . The intention of this guide is to highlight some major themes and topics covered in the class – it is not an exhaustive list of all material from readings and lectures. Also, these are not the questions that will be on the exam. PART FOUR: INTERMEDIARIES AND OUTCOMES Political Parties What is a political party? How do they support democratic government? How are parties organized? What is their main goal? What are the benefits to being the party in control of the government? Are parties more or less unified today than in the past? What is the “party organization”? What is the “party in government”? What is the “party in the electorate”? How do citizens typically choose which party to identify with? How do parties link citizens with politicians?
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POSC+150+Exam+4+study+guide-1 - 1 POSC 150 Exam#4 Study...

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