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10/19/2011 1 Chapter 8 System Software Slide 2 System Software Software Application Software I. Operating System (OS) II. Utility Programs I. Operating System 1. Five basic functions 1) Starts the computer 2) Manages applications 3) Manages memory 4) Manages input and output device 5) Provides a user interface for communication 4
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10/19/2011 2 1) 6 steps of Booting 5 2) Managing Applications Multitasking operating systems Foreground application Background applications Preemptive multitasking 7 4) Handling input and output 9 Interrupts , signals created by input and output devices, notify the OS when actions are taken.
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10/19/2011 3 5) Providing the user interface 10 Graphical user interface (GUI)
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Unformatted text preview: Menu-driven user interface Command-line user interface 2. Popular Operating Systems 13 Operating Systems Market Share Windows XP 60.55% Windows Vista 22.64% Mac OSX 7.11% Linux 1.97% Windows 7 1.69% Windows 2000 0.78% Windows 2003 0.65% iPhone OSX 0.40% Windows 98 0.13% WAP 0.07% System utilities (utility programs) Software programs for effective management of the computer system Six Categories: 1. Backing up software - Full/Incremental/differential backup 2. Antivirus software 3. File management programs 4. File Compression program 5. Disk Scanning program 6. Disk Defragmentation program 25 II. Utility Programs...
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Chap08_OS_notes - Menu-driven user interface Command-line...

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