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ISyE 3232 Stochastic Manufacturing and Service Models Fall 2011 H. Ayhan Homework 1 August 19, 2011 Due: at the start of class on Monday, August 29 1. Suppose a beagle is working in customs inspecting passengers’ luggage for banned substances, and the beagle alerts the handler by sitting next to the location of the banned substance. What would be a reasonable guess for the distribution (e.g., Bernoulli, binomial, geometric, Poisson, exponential, uniform, normal) of each the following: (a) the number of alerts by the beagle during the next 3 hours, (b) the length of time until the next alert, (c) the number of bags sniffed before alerting, (d) whether or not the beagle alerts when sniffing the next bag, (e) the number of alerts out of the next 30 bags sniffed, and (f) the combined weight of the next 30 bags that the beagle indicates are carrying banned substances? 2. Let X have mean 4 and variance 100. What is the mean and variance of 6 - 4 X ? What is the mean and variance of ( X - 3)
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