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According to the Business Summary (1)

According to the Business Summary (1) - a According to the...

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a. According to the Business Summary, in what business is the company engaged? This company a major contributor to each major category that comprises the total information technology market: hardware, software, and services. The company is a leading server vendor, among the largest software vendors (behind Microsoft Corp.), and has the largest global services organization. b. How has the P/E ratio changed over the most recent three years? The P/E ratio in year 2008 is 9.43; in year 2009 is 13.08; in year 2010 is 13. c. What is Standard and Poor's 12-month target price? $180 d. In what sub-industry does Standard and Poor's place the stock? What is the outlook for the sub-industry? Don't just write "neutral" or "positive". Include a couple of sentences that explain the reasoning behind these terms. S&P places this stock in IT Consulting & Other Services. This industry is very promising because the high technology has big influence on people’s lives. It develops rapidly in an incredible speed each day. In the future this sub industry
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  • Spring '11
  • kifer
  • P/E ratio, 12-month target price, global services organization, total information technology, largest software vendors

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