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Computer Orientation3

Computer Orientation3 - Computer Orientation Questions Part...

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Page 1 of 2 College of Engineering, Virginia Tech, Fall 2011 Computer Orientation Questions Part 3 These questions are available as preparation for some of the quiz 3 content . You can expect these questions to be a subset of your quiz 3 questions. Quiz 3 will occur online from 5:30 PM, September 14 to 5 PM, September 21. There is one best answer per question. Question 1 For the following question, refer to http://www.security.vt.edu/resources_and_information/cyber_awareness/phishing.html and http://www.antivirus.vt.edu/alerts/phishing.abuse.php You receive an email in your VT Webmail inbox from [email protected] stating that your account security has been compromised and the IT Department needs to perform maintenance on your account immediately. The email states you should reply with your PID and password. Choose the safest action: Answer To prevent your account from becoming compromised, promptly reply with your PID and password.
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