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Mid term Review Human security 1) State Security: a) threats from neighbors, leaders are direct relation to countries stability, war effects humans health, population, stress, mental health, b) Internal Threats: state failure effects human life, and instability comes from regime transitions 2) Human Security: threats to groups and persons, causes of excess mortality: violence, disease, environment to secure these things is good governance=state. Disease prevention is a human security priority but spend more on national defense, need prevention measures 3) Personal security: local violence, personal choices exercise, career, diet, personal health, stress caused by others: NOT STATE BUT YOU. Car accidents Solution = good governance: wealth, health, internal integration. Internal Conflict: respect for human rights, political instability, organized crime, violent crimes EVOLUTION OF HUMAN SECURITY Post WW!!: internal violence, less violent world lowest deaths per year in battle. However conflict is greater or civilians/non combatants. War and public health are interchangeable. Increase in HIV in increase in armed forces. More babies and mortality rates in war zones. Refugees greatest concern and directly affected by war and public health Reconceptualising security: end of WW!!:UN GATT Blank Bank, end of colonialism, military strategy, world reunited, economic crises, 911 State security: protection political structures and territory, exclusive stress on state survival, freedom from fear, state sovereignty Human security: human well-being, survival of people and human and socio- economic development, freedom from want, protection and promotion of human rights Political, economic, personal, food, health, environmental , and community security Four pillars 1) freedom from fear: humanitarian agenda, violence, conflicts, weapons a. conflict prevention, management, resolution b. post conflict reconstruction c. willingness to act d. rule of law: ICC, universal humanitarian standards d.i. human rights law d.ii. human development e. good governance e.i. leadership, fostering democracy f. strong international institutions f.i. UNHCR, Org of African States 2) freedom from want: human development, development is freedom- Sen a. wide agenda, reduce individual vulnerabilities, in economic, health, environment, political, community, food sphere
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b. Japanese FM: covers all menaces that threaten human survival, daily life, and dignity c. Threats: disease, poverty, social conflict, land degradation, population growth, migration d. Solution: economic development that benefits the poor 3) freedom to live in dignity: rule of law, human rights, democracy a. Kofi Annan-1995 b. Economic development, social justice, environmental protection, democratization, disarmament, respect for human rights 4) freedom from hazard impact: global environmental change and natural hazards agenda a. Goal: reduce vulnerabilities, enhance capacity for building, coping
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Mid term Review - Mid term Review Human security 1 State...

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