readings - Spiral of insecurity Abstract theories aimed at...

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readings 16:55 Kaufman modern hatred Explain how and why ethnic cleansing happen, ancient rivalry’s, manipulative leaders,  economic rivalry  Mistakes important because lead to mistaken policy actions  Assumptions Ancient hatred: necessary to understand ethnic cleaning, mass murders. Passed down  hatred, generalization about these hatred are made to increase. Drives policy to not help  as scene as uncontrollable  How to calm passions Manipulative leaders: they play on hostile attitudes that already exist, do not create  hatred. Do not generalize, bubble up not top down of violence. Leverage one group  against another in a country were groups identities and ethnicity’s are new  Economic rivalry: doesn’t explain why people resort to war. Is economy is problem, war  is only more expensive 
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Unformatted text preview: Spiral of insecurity Abstract theories aimed at combining several ideas. Focuses on the structure of the situation, strength of federal government as the main explanation for ethnic war Combining the stories: modern hatred not ancient. Place economic problems on the despised out-group, Ethnic symbolism combines logic of ancient hatreds, manipulative leaders, and economic rivalry = mobilization comes from preconceived conflicts of interest. Prejudiced symbolic politics and insecurity feed each other. The necessary precondition for ethnic war are ethnic myths and fears and the opportunity to act on them politically. Extremes of politics of ethnic symbolism and insecurity reinforce each other into a spiral 16:55 16:55...
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readings - Spiral of insecurity Abstract theories aimed at...

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