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Homework_3 - ENVIRON 367 Global Enterprise and Sustainable...

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ENVIRON 367 Global Enterprise and Sustainable Development Fall 2011 Homework #3 Due 10/12 The "Standard Models" at EIOLCA.net (http://www.eiolca.net/cgi-bin/dft/use.pl) can only give you life cycle economic and environmental of products in one single sector The EIO analysis itself can do more than that. For example, in Homework #2, we caulculated environmental impacts of producing plastics and bottle. To calculate life cycle economic and environmental impacts for multiple products (e.g., exports from China to the US) from EIOLCA.net, we will need to use the "Custom Model" 1. Multiple products Suppose China exports the following products to the US. Use this "Custom Model" to calculate life cycle energy use and GHG emissions embodied in these exports. Export Value What sector you choose from the model to represent each of the products? Computers $2 million Communications and trade services High speed trains $5 million Transportation vehicles Clothes $1 million Tobacco and Textile Products
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