Reading Review - readingday1 02:38 09/12

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reading day 1 02:38 09/12 Rockstorm: A safe operating space for humanity Stable environment for 10,000 years = holocene Anthropocene: new ear after industrial revolution, human actions have driven global  environmental change Reliance on fossil fuels and industrialized forms of agriculture = damage systems to  keep Holocene  “planetary boundaries” that define safe operating space for humanity with respect to  earth system to keep Holocene state thresholds levels that are sensitive  nine thresholds that if crossed could devastate earth and change climate change* already past boundaries rate of biodiversity loss* already past boundaries interference with  nitrogen * (already past boundaries) and phosphorus  cycles**close stratospheric ozone depletion ocean acidification**close global freshwater use**close change in land use**close chemical pollution atmospheric aerosol loading  climate change: two parameters: atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and 
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Reading Review - readingday1 02:38 09/12

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