ToyotaSustainablility - People: diversity in employees,...

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People: diversity in employees, safety and health of employment, loyalty of employees. Customers: transparency increase, Toyota customer assistance center, stakeholder dialogue. Quality: basic concepts, commitments to gain customers trust. Safety of cars: new technology and equipment. Product lineup: universal design Planet: environment: Environmental philosophy: fourth Toyota environmental action plan Energy and global warming atmospheric quality/environmental management recycling of resources, substances of concern For future of mobility: Low-carbon society: smart grid, progress in demonstration tests vehicle-infrastructure cooperative system Overseas initiatives Profit: business partners: sales network, suppliers, example of initiatives: CSR/Earthquake disaster reconstruction shareholder: financial results Global sustainability, projects. International markets in Toyota ___________ Since 1992,, Toyotas Earth Charter has been developing and responding to global environmental issues, and making the environment a top management priority. Toyota is developing the most advanced environmental technology to create Co2 emission management, to eliminate substances such as lead and mercury on a global scale, and to contribute to the development of a recycle-based society. These advancements are implemented through the Fourth Toyota Environmental action plan, with the ultimate goal of becoming a leader and driving force in global regeneration. In this plan they address four main topics: energy/global warming, recycling of resources, substances of concern, and atmospheric quality. Within each action item, Toyota has identified specific measures and goals to create a sustainable community. Toyota has made a commitment to the environment by implementing measures within the early stages of their industry such as development, design, logistics, sales, and recycling. Within each area Toyota seeks to achieve a balance between growth, society, and ultimate development of a sustainable society. In response to cradle-to-grave analysis that measures resource extraction, Toyota bases the company on ‘green’ and sustainable principles in the products and material that are delivered to Toyota. Within the first stage of the auto industry, Toyota is ensuring that vehicle parts, accessories, and raw materials are free of concerned substances, follow recycling guidelines, and reduce co2 emissions through packaging and wrapping materials that are used. Some examples of their efforts include Eco Driving, Fuel Cell technology, renewable energy in production plants, clean exhaust systems, recycling
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ToyotaSustainablility - People: diversity in employees,...

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