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Alyssa Marcucci Response 1:AAPTIS 491 September 14, 2011 In class we discussed the common perception of Islam and especially Muhammad from a Medieval European viewpoint. From this conception, Islam was seen as an extension of Christianity and Muhammad was seen as the one who spread this diversion in the church. With this consciousness of Muhammad, many people felt connected to followers of Islam through religious traditions that link Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Some of these similarities are the food and dietary concerns of Judaism and Islam where their beliefs place restrictions on certain foods, for example pork. Between Christianity and Islam, they share the belief that only “true believes”, of each separate religion, have access into heaven. These similarities created a shared religious community and identified with each other despite their differences. Beyond the religious community there was also an exchange between scholars, ideas, and cultures. As Blanks and Frassetto stated in a
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