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The new reality show on TLC, All-American Muslims, shows a single viewpoint of Islam. In class we have discussed the plurality of Islam that spreads across ideologies, practices, customs, and cultures. The reality show however, is in the singular where all of the five families are Lebanese Americans, and mostly second generation Americans. At the same time the show shows the plurality of religious practices as not being a stagnant extremist religion that devalues the American system. The show pushes for an emphasis on ‘American’ and not Muslim, by disassociating the Hijab with Islam as only one woman wears the headscarf. As Talal Asad mentions, many in the Western world find it difficult to accept those who practice Islam as they view their values as in direct contradiction to the values of the West. (12). The show tries to break down these stereotypes by showing how a whole Muslim community in Dearborn, MI, is fully incorporated into a Western way of life. The show follows Assad’s argument that
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