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Explanation of mid-term grade estimate. The scores are posted for 2 tests, each out of 20 points. As tests constitute 60% of the grade, the scores are multiplied by 1.5 to give estimate of test contribution. The first 17 H-ITT questions have been added up (max 34 points). 20% “forgiveness” applied (giving max 27.2), then multiplied by 5/27.2 to give an estimate of the contribution from H-ITT The first 4 quizzes were added (max 20 points), 10% forgiveness applied
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Unformatted text preview: (max 18), multiplied by 20/18 to give estimate of the quiz contribution The first 7 homeworks were added, 10% forgiveness applied, and then normalized to a maximum of 15. Then these 4 contributions were added to give the “GradeEstimate” out of 100%. Look at the info on the webpage to see what letter grade this corresponds to. Note! Many people find the third test and final harder than the first two, so the score is more likely to go down than up!...
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