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Equal Opportunity Institution In the e-learning gradebook, there are now many items. These are designed to give you a projected grade now that around half the scores have been accumulated. Exam 1, scored out of 20, is obvious. Do not worry if the score appears in parentheses – that means nothing. Exam 2, scored out of 20, is clear. (Exams 1+2)*1.5 is scored out of 60. That is because exams are 60% of the total score, so we are extrapolating and assuming that you will do as well in exam 3 and the final as these two. It will eventually be replaced by (Exams 1+2+3+final)*0.75 Quizzes. We took the first 6 quizzes (max score = 30), lopped off the high scores so the max is 27 (“forgiveness”), then multiplied by 20/27 to get what your quiz component is on track for. H-ITT, We took the first 21 H-ITT questions (max score 42), lopped off 20% (max 33.6), then multiplied by 5/33.6. This gives the H-ITT component you are on track for. Homework, we took the scores for the first 7 HW’s (max 56 points), lopped off 10% (max 50.4), and multiplied
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Unformatted text preview: by 15/50.4. This gives the HW score you are on track for. Then we had the last four items described above, and you get a total out of 100. This is the total score you are projected to have. To know what grade that corresponds to, look under “general course info” on the web. Of course, some people might find the second half of the course harder. Some might work harder. The above system should give you a snapshot of where you stand. Please note that: Those who had an excused absence from a test or a quiz still have “0” for that assignment – clearly their grade will be artificially low. Mistakes can be made in uploading all this info. Don’t panic – we can always correct mistakes! However, note that the computer never lies in its reading of the scantron. There can be problems in uploading the information to the correct student. If in doubt, e-mail [email protected] to check....
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