CES 4605 29 August 11 class assignment

CES 4605 29 August 11 class assignment - CES 4605 ...

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Unformatted text preview: CES 4605: Monday 29 August 2011 Class Assignment Load Combinations Tension Members I may be out today, so this assignment will reinforce the learning objectives from last week and prepare us for new material: Tension Members Please do the following assignment during the class period and turn it at the end of class. One student will collect all scripts and turn them into the TA in Room 465. Note discussion is enthusiastically encouraged among students!! Please use the Segui text book, the AISC Manual and any other source, once you acknowledge the source. There is NO CLASS on Tuesday, so next time we’ll meet is on Wednesday am. Question 1: (a) Determine the factored axial load or the required axial strength, Pu of a column in an office building with a regular roof configuration. The service axial loads on the column are as follows: PD = 200 kips (dead load) PL = 300 kips (floor live load) PS = 150 kips (snow load) PW = ±60 kips (wind load) PE = ±40 kips (seismic load) (b) Calculate the required nominal axial compression strength, Pn of the column. Question 2: • What section in the AISC Manual deals with Load Combinations? Provide Chapter and page. • What Chapter in the AISC Manual addresses the design of tension members? • Provide an example of a steel tension member that you can find within Matherly Hall or immediately around it. Estimate the dimensions of and sketch the cross- sectional shape and overall length. Dr. David O. Prevatt [email protected] ...
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