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HW_3 09-21-11-1 - The length is 12 feet What is the...

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CES 4605 Steel Design (Fall 2011) Homework # 3 21 September 2011 DUE DATE: 28 September 2010 Part I (20 points) What is residual stress and how does this affect the behavior of steel members in compression and bending? How does residual stress and out-of-straightness of a column affect the elastic buckling stress of a column. Explain your answer (in writing) with reference to slenderness ratio, inelastic and elastic buckling as discussed in class 1 or 2 pages, double-spaced. Provide any sources of information that you have used. Part II (50 points) Questions from Text, page 199: 5.3, 5.5 and 5.7 (see handout) Part II (10 points) A 119 18 × W is used as a compression member with one end fixed and the other end pinned.
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Unformatted text preview: The length is 12 feet. What is the available compressive strength if A992 steel is used? a. Use AISC equation E3-2 or E3-3. Compute the design strength for LRFD . b. Use table 4-22 from part 4 of the manual. Compute the design strength for LRFD . Part III (10 points) Use A992 steel and select a W14 shape for an axially loaded column to meet the following specifications: the length is 22 feet, both ends are pinned, and there is bracing in the weak direction at a point 10 feet from the top. The service dead load is 142 kips, and the service live load is 356 kips. Use only LRFD....
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