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4/25/11 A SUMMARY OF REVISIONS IN THE 2010 AISC SPECIFICATION & 14th Ed. MANUAL Note: Below is a brief summary of some of the changes in these two documents and is not considered to be a complete listing. 2010 AISC SPECIFICATION FOR STRUCTURAL STEEL BUILDINGS CHAPTER A: GENERAL PROVISIONS The Scope relative to seismic design has been revised and generalized, by removing the reference to a specific R factor value. Updated references to other specifications, codes and standards (added ASTM A1043). CHAPTER B: DESIGN REQUIREMENTS Added a new discussion on structural integrity, including how it relates to connection design. Table B4.1 has been revised to clarify that compression members are classified as nonslender and slender, and flexural members as noncompact and compact. CHAPTER C: DESIGN FOR STABILITY Chapter C and Appendix 7 have been reorganized to place the Direct Analysis Method in the main body of the Specification (Chapter C) and the other methods in Appendix 7 and 8 (B1-B2 method). CHAPTERS D, E, F, G, AND H: DESIGN OF MEMBERS Most of the revisions incorporated are primarily for clarification and completeness.
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