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EES 106 Winter 2011 Review Final Exam Below is a list of possible questions and/or topics for questions on the first exam. The exam will be scantron in format, you will need a #2 pencil to complete the exam. General questions: -What are the Periods of the Paleozoic? Mesozoic? What Eon is the focus of these Eras? What age rock in exposed in Ohio? -How do reefs change throughout the Paleozoic? -What organisms (marine invertebrates, fish, amphibians, plants, reptiles, mammals) dominate in the different periods? -Be aware of orogenic events that shape the Eastern United States, particularly Appalachian Mt. formation. -Define: Rodinia, Pangaea, Larentia, Gondwanaland, Euramerica, Avalonia, Extinction Chapter 13 Early Paleozoic Era 1. What organisms dominated the Cambrian and Ordovician? Be able to identify/describe common Ordovician fossils found in Ohio. 2. 3.
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This note was uploaded on 12/03/2011 for the course EES 106 taught by Professor Staceyhundley during the Winter '11 term at Wright State.

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EES+106+Review+Sheet+Final+Exam+Winter+2011[1] - EES 106...

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