Lab1DepositionalEnvironments[1] - The Evolving Earth...

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Unformatted text preview: The Evolving Earth Laboratory Geology 106 Instructor: Maddie Smith Office: 222 Oleman, 270 Brehm E-mail: Office Hours: By appointment Date Lab Assignment Week 1 Sedimentary Rocks and Depositional Environments Week 2 Facies Analysis Week 3 Sedimentary Facies and Biostratigraphy Week 4 Geochronology Week 5 Classification of Fossils Week 6 Fossil Assemblage Week 7 Rates of Geologic Processes Week 8 Lab Final Week 9 Make-Up Lab Make-Up Labs: There will be a make-up lab offered at the end of the quarter. With a valid excuse, you will be allowed to make- up one lab. You may also write a paper concerning geology that I approve as a make-up lab. Once again, only one lab can be made-up. Academic Integrity: Cheating will not be tolerated. Though lab work will often be completed in pairs, you are expected to prepare for class and complete the lab worksheets independently. Examples of academic dishonesty include taking credit for the work of others, such as submitting as your own work any assignment, quiz answers, or other academic product created, even in part, by another student. This link explains procedures used for resolving incidents concerning academic dishonesty. Please be aware that one possible consequence is a grade of F for the course....
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Lab1DepositionalEnvironments[1] - The Evolving Earth...

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