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phys218-spring-2010-exam-02-practice - PHYS 218 Exam 2...

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PHYS 218, Exam 2 Name: (Last) (First) (Middle) 1. Record ”66” as your two-digit exam version number on the scantron form in the field “TEST/QUIZ NUMBER”. 2. Write your name here and on the scantron form. 3. Record your PUID number in the “STUDENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER” field on your scantron form. 4. A numeric answer that is correct to within 1% error is considered correct. In the case that the question asks you to “estimate”, the answer needn’t be so precise. 5. When you hand in your scantron, please tear off this page and hand it in as well. Good luck! 1
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1. A worker pulls out rope at a constant rate of 2 foot/s. If the rope is attached to a pulley of radius 1 foot, what is the angular velocity of the pulley? 1 foot = 0.3048 m. (a) 2 π radians/s (b) 6.5617 radians/s (c) 0.6366 radians/s (d) π radians/s (e) None of the above.
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