lec09_ddn2x2 - Exam 1: *Covers all readings, lectures,...

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9/20/11 1 Exam 1: NOTE THAT FEW EQUATIONS WILL BE GIVEN – YOU ARE REMINDED THAT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CREATE WHATEVER TWO-SIDED CRIB SHEET YOU WANT TO BRING TO THIS EXAM. *Covers all readings, lectures, homework from Chapters 17 through 20.4 *The exam will be multiple choice and is meant to be done within 75 minutes by a well-prepared student. We will give 120 minutes starting promptly at the listed time, so please be on time! Be sure to bring your student ID card , calculator, pencil and your own one-page (two-side) crib sheet. 9/20/11 2 Exam 1: *Exam 1 : Tuesday September 29, 2011 from 8 PM - 10 PM * Room PHYS 112 for last names A through K * Room PHYS 114 for last names L through Z 9/20/11 3 9/20/11 4 Magnetic Field Large Magnetic fields are used in MRI (Nobel prize for medicine in 2003) Extremely Large magnetic field are found in some stars Earth has a Magnetic Field
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9/20/11 5 Bar Magnets From North to South N S N S Attraction S N N S Repulsion Bar magnet ... two poles: N and S Like poles repel; Unlike poles attract. Magnetic Field lines:
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lec09_ddn2x2 - Exam 1: *Covers all readings, lectures,...

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