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Unformatted text preview: Artistic Analyses Worksheet he following should be considered as a guide for completing your assignment. What is intended is for you to experience a performance of Theatre and to write a subjective reaction to it based on your own aesthetic. (Defined as: "A guiding principle of artistic beauty") This is not a review , and should not be written like one. Please do not retell the story of the play you have seen; in most cases I will already be familiar with it. I want, for the most part, to know how you were affected as an audience member. Describe in specific terms what worked or didn't work and why . I want to know what things, processes, and elements, made this production both effective and beautiful - or not - from your perspective. The following is a list of suggested topics: The visual elements/spectacle (Lighting, set, costumes, props, etc) Sound (music, sound effects, singing; live and/or recorded) Quality of the actors' performances (Acting, vocalization,believability, characterization, etc)...
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