CHP 4.ppt#1 Spring 2010

CHP 4.ppt#1 Spring 2010 - I would probably put on "Wicked"...

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I would probably put on "Wicked" an adaptation of a very popular book for young adults, meaning, most college students. This play is basically "The Wizard of Oz" From the Wicked Witch of the West's point of view and it blurs the lines between good and bad to make the story seem more real. People like other interpretations with other protagonists because it shows that they don't all have to be as perfect as Dorothy to be a generally good person. If I were to put on a play in Gainesville I would do a remake of Always Sunny in Philadelphia because I personally think the show is the Seinfeld of my generation. I am not alone in my love of the show; every college aged student I have talked to loves the show as well. This would be a biblical, heartfelt retelling of Jesus Christ’s story, but in Gainesville, Fl. Tebow would star this time as a football player for our very own Florida Gators. He is quite the player and, therefore, has quite the following. It is a tale of how he came into the field as a no one, and ended up as the star player with many apostles following him every step of the way. And in the end, he would be crucified by Alabama. [Importance of Being Earnest] In order to draw a crowd, while still having a slight purpose, we must perform a satirical play on today’s society, which will entertain yet draw attention to social issues. People enjoy watching idiotic actions of others, laughing at their stupidity and absurdity. This always has and always will bring in a crowd, so mockery is a key to success and therefore we should take the social issues and show how wrong and stupid some of our actions can be. [Troy] Not only would this sate the lust for action goers, but could really be taken to nearly an interactive level should the fighting 'spill out' into the seats. Beautiful scenery could be left to interpretation from the isles of Greece to the war torn, bloodstained sands of Troy. The Daily Show / Colbert Report . .. LIVE where again they play both sides of the fence with great dance numbers about such topics as massive wall street bonuses and consumer education or off shoring! Sex, Betrayal, and Death are staple things we as humans need in our entertainment. Closer by Patrick Marber brings all of those things 500-fold. It would do wonderful on a larger venue, like the Hippodrome, simply because sex sells! And Gainesville is filled with horny college students. The Hippodrome would offer better lighting, better props and more seats---all of which I think would help this play have a better run than its first time here. Introducing Robocop! The stage production!! While this may seem like a bad idea, just think about it. You have a franchise people can relate to, while at the same time bringing Science Fiction, popular these days, to the stage. And its not going to be all guns and blood packs. In Robocop, we
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CHP 4.ppt#1 Spring 2010 - I would probably put on "Wicked"...

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