CHP 4.ppt#2 Spring 2010

CHP 4.ppt#2 Spring 2010 - The Gainesville Community...

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The Gainesville Community Playhouse's average ticket price is 16 dollars, which is over the price of a screening of Avatar 3D, considered an expensive movie-going experience. The Hippodrome's price $30.00! You may say that theater has its own special quality that makes it worth the price, and you would be right. But for people who haven't been to a play, or maybe even a person who hasn't been in a long time, I think a money back promotion is a great way to bring in an audience. I do believe that a money back guarantee would be a good idea for plays. I feel that with the dwindling audience or lack of support for local art, we should do whatever we can to bring to put people in the seats. I work at a movie theatre and our policy is if you leave within the first 30 minutes you can get a refund or a comp ticket. The theatre's money-back policy should be similar. If you let people sit through a whole play AND THEN get their money back, you'll attract all those louts who try to get free stuff anyway they can. If someone is offended by the content of a show because of race, religion, or excessive obscenities they should be entitled to get their money back if theatre does not make it known to all of its patrons. That is why we have ratings on show at movie theatres so that a Minister would know that the movie Bruno may not be the right movie for them. However if theatres in a more upscale community did this it could be a good thing actually receiving honest opinions from the public because the wealthy people would not lie to get their money back. This is a good concept to get more people into the theatres but it would not prove effective everywhere. I believe art is worth more than money. You can’t put a price on Pollack or Stravinski, however the world we live in today requires money for these things to come to life and stay alive. Unfortunately, no matter how much you don’t like it, this world we live in revolves around money, for the time being. Artists deserve their pay, regardless of the petty thoughts of snide unsatisfied citizens. It shouldn't be applied to
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CHP 4.ppt#2 Spring 2010 - The Gainesville Community...

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