THE 1000 ch 2 spring 2010

THE 1000 ch 2 spring 2010 - being a teenager is rough So...

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being a teenager is rough. So, while the troupe in Belgium has their own thing going, it's still been overdone. Instead of addressing aspects of life that everyone goes through, why not show the audience something that isn't tired? This is why I'm partial to the Theatre of the Absurd--there are little to no definite elements in the story. .. it's all subjective and it takes brainpower to translate the events into something personally meaningful. The theme of high school has been worn out. Take for example the new alvin and the chipmunk movie. You might think that they would meet the chipettes at a battle of the bands , but where are they ? High school Elementary school is for learning how to get along with people and live a perfect life, high school is for learning how to deal with the imperfection of the world. People would probably be happier having never gone, but they need to know in order to survive. College is where you learn about reality; the world isn't perfect, but some parts are close. the way that teens handle the situations such as drug, sex, jocks, and popularity will forever change because no 2 kids are alike. i guess we should get into the more personal experience of teens instead of the very broad and general point of view. the struggles of succeeding in school with learning disabilities; or even dealing with the being middle eastern in high school. For most, high school is a time of confusion, sex, drugs and alcohol. These are issues that U.S. suppresses but it needs to be discussed so that students of these ages do not feel like the things they are going through are not normal. Topics such as peer pressure, rape, drug abuse and death are very prevalent and need to be shown so that students will be informed of whats ahead of them and when it occurs they will know how to handle
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THE 1000 ch 2 spring 2010 - being a teenager is rough So...

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