THE 1000 ch 3 spring 2010

THE 1000 ch 3 spring 2010 - If I had to produce a show in...

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If I had to produce a show in Gainesville, I would definitely hold it at the Hippodrome Theatre to attract the artsy-fartsy crowd. (I don't mean that in a bad way, I can be very atsy-fartsy myself!) To be able to attract a wider variety of patrons, I would probably choose a musical comedy. If I was a producer in Gainesville or my town (Starke), I would focus on the college atmosphere or a religious setting. In Starke many people's lives revolve around religion. A biblical play of some sort would be successful in my area. It would address their religious needs. If I were to put a show on for the audience of Gainesville it would depend on what time of the year it is. If it were the summeror fall semester I would do have a show that was more geared towards the college age and most likely have it be a comedy. If it’s the summer I would gear it towards the professors and the older population due to they live here and would probably like a classic or a slower pace show. If it was during winter break I would have one geared towards family due to that all the families would be in town and might want to bring their kids. Gainesville is also known as the home of the Gators. I would say at least 75% of Gainesville residents are Gator fans. Sadly, half of the 75% wouldn’t know the difference between Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer but they would hear about a performance about the gators and call to purchase tickets faster than when they jumped on the UF bandwagon in 2006. I WILL PUT A PRODUCTION TOGETHER OF THE STRUGGLE OF BEING IN COLLEGE WITHOUT HAVING ALOT OF MONEY THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT ARE IN COLLEGE THAT ARE NOT FINANCIAL STABLE. AND THE PRODUCTION WILL ADDRESS THAT YOU DONT NEED TO HAVE MONEY TO HAVE A GOOD EDUCATION. The kind of performance I feel would succeed most in Gainesville, Florida would be one with an upbeat indie style and adult comedy. Our going green and recycling-from-the-past-generation style, expressed namely in one of the most nationally wide known colleges- The University of Florida, is one of honest humor and raw sexuality. A production in the namesake of sexuality and all its honesty would be a sure hit. I would produce an interactive mystery dinner theatre show. I've always liked dinner theatre yet as far as I know, the closest dinner theatre is in Orlando. I would put together something slightly political about the economy that seeks to inform and not decide there are many conflicting interests in this town old people, Christians, college kids and regular working people. So I would go for a comedy that isn’t too harsh and mocks all sides tastefully because everyone hates what’s happening to the economy so it would put asses in seats but everyone also hates conflict so again to inform and entertain without condoning or condemning either side
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THE 1000 ch 3 spring 2010 - If I had to produce a show in...

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