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TPP 1000 syllabus - Acting Fundamentals TPP 1100.001 TPP...

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Acting Fundamentals TPP 1100.001 & TPP 1100.004 SPRING ’10 Semester Instructor: Kevin Chu MWF 9:00am-9:50am: E-129 MW 3:30pm-4:45pm: E-129 Website: Email: [email protected] Office Hours: by appointment Course Description TPP 1100: Acting Fundamentals (3) P TPP 1100 introduces the student to a guided investigation of the basic principles and techniques of contemporary acting. TPP 1100 is designed for non-theatre majors and focuses on the development of the student as an aware, educated member of the theatre, film and television audience. No prior experience in acting or the theatre is required. Requirements The performance projects in this course will consist of one monologue , one scene , and one children’s story , both monologues and scenes will be accompanied by a script and character analysis paper. (see Performance Project Worksheet) The monologue and children’s story are required to be 1-3 minutes in length; the scene 3-5 minutes in length. Both must be cuttings from an existing, published play. Permission to use a cutting from a screenplay or original work will rarely be given. You will be asked to keep a journal for the duration of the semester. Twice during the semester, you will be asked to hand in your journals for progress assessment. Your journal must be for your Acting Fundamental class, and only for your Acting Fundamental class. If any student has difficulty providing himself or herself with a journal, he or she must contact the instructor. You will also be required to attend two theatre events during the semester in satisfaction of the “Cultural Events” requirement, and write an Artistic Analysis Paper for them.
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Attendance Policy Each student is allowed a total of THREE unexcused absences for the semester. It is expected that all students have chosen to be in this class by virtue of their having enrolled in it. It is also expected that all students will accept the responsibility of this choice by attending all classes unless it is physically impossible. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class
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TPP 1000 syllabus - Acting Fundamentals TPP 1100.001 TPP...

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