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"Magic If" acting tool invented by Stanislavski in which the actor asks, "What would I do if I were the character in this situation?" aside a character's brief remark, often witty, delivered directly to the audience. Other characters on stage are presumed not to hear it. A presentational technique, most often used in comedies from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. beat the section of script during which a single objective is played. blocking the physical ingredients of storytelling onstage--movement, gestures, and business. cheating out (or cheating) angling the body slightly toward the audience, while still presuming to face the character you are in conversation with. cold reading an audition in which you are asked to read from a scene without having the opportunity to fully prepare. cue in general, the line preceding your own that "cues" you to speak. cue-to-cue a rehearsal where actors are asked to play only the moment leading up to and during a section of the play where lighting, sound, or set elements are added or taken away. emotional memory the use of personal memory to create an emotion that can be applied to an acting situation. An age-old technique, made prominent by Stanislavski in his early writing, but later discarded by him. external technique the outside-in approach to acting in which an actor focuses first on what his or her character needs to be doing rather than what the character is thinking or feeling. fourth wall
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TPP1100VocabList1 - Acting Fundamentals: TPP 1100:...

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