13 EM Conflict Slides

13 em conflict slides

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Unformatted text preview: 4/17/2009 Holy Wars in a Whole New World: Early Modern Conflict Across Europe, Xns battled for their respective faiths, but the most intense and most significant were the religious civil wars known as the French Wars of Religion between Catholics and Calvinist Huguenots Huguenots were vastly outnumbered in Catholic France, but they were organized and determined, had some friends in high places, and were ready for war with C h li if i h Catholics necessary Regent Catherine d' Medici tried to ease tensions, but the FWR became a constitutional crisis for the 240-year old Valois dynasty 240- UltraUltra-Catholics squared off against the Catholic Valois monarchy-- monarchy-- y backed by Spain's King Phillip II Provincial Catholics became Protestant to oppose monarchy Backed by England's & French nobles converted to oppose Queen Elizabeth I monarchy Frightful Outrages perpetrated by the Huguenots in France Engraving from Richard Verstegen, 1607 1 4/17/2009 Duke of Guise and his UltraCatholics launched the FWR when they attacked a Huguenot gathering in 1562 But the Huguenots held their own throughout the their own throughout the 1560s Matrimonial Alliance and Religious Peace? 1572, Hugue...
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