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1572 huguenot bourbon henry of navarre was to marry

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Unformatted text preview: not Bourbon Henry of Navarre was to marry the sister of the Valois Catholic Charles IX in Paris In the wake of the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre, the Ultra-Catholics formed a UltraCatholic/Holy League for defense and political supremacy Their plan? Replace King Henri III with a "real" Catholic (one not related to Valois Charles IX) Their candidate? Henry, the Duc de Guise, the Catholic League founder 2 4/17/2009 War of the Three Henries, 15881589 1598, Edict of Nantes Catholicism official Huguenots tolerated Can hold office Can fortify for defense Can worship in select areas Henry, Duke of Guise UltraCatholic Assassinated by Henri III King Henry III Henry of Navarre Catholic Hug/ Catholic /Huguenot Assassinated by Became Catholic King a monk of France FWR Recognized Protestant minority Paved way for absolute monarchy Early Modern Wars of Religion: Spain The "most Catholic king" Phillip II aimed for a boom but created a bust for Spain's economic and political future Early Modern Wars of Religion: Netherlands This tangle of hash marks is evidence of a struggle for sovereignty in and over the Netherlands 17 provinces Flemish/French south Germanic/Dutch north Lutheran Anabaptist Calvinist 3 4/17/2009 I want control over you! No way! And your Council of Bloo...
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