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But the imperial army routs the swedes hampered by

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Unformatted text preview: d by the loss of King Adolphus Swedes driven from Germany--and Germany-- southern Germany goes to the Catholics C/F P/R 3 0 C Phase III: C/F P/R 2 1 7 4/17/2009 TYW Phase IV: Franco-Swedish Cardinal Richelieu and his young king, Louis XIII, back the Protestant Swedes against their mutual enemy---the Catholic Hapsburgs Spain shrank to a 2nd class power France became the dominant power Spain and France hashed it out until 1659, Peace of the Pyrenees 1648, Peace of Westphalia TYW: Peace of Westphalia All German states choose own religion France gains German territory, including Alsace Sweden gained some territory, Austrian Habsburgs broke even HRE even less imperial Politics trumps religion TYW: Economic and Social Impact Most devastating war Europe had yet experienced 8 4/17/2009 The TYW changed Early Modern warfare, just as feudalism had done in the Middle Ages: cavalry became less important, replaced with blocks of infantry (battalions) armed with pikes (basically, spears) and broadswords in the centers, muskets in the outer edges, and artillery between the battalions. MidMid-17th Cy: Crossroads or Breaking Point? Peace restored, arm...
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