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Midmid 17th cy crossroads or breaking point peace

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Unformatted text preview: ies improved BUT. . . . Higher taxes and trodden landscapes = Peasant Rebellions across Europe France: 3 revolts 1593--1639 1593-- Austria: 3 revolts 1595-1636 1595Hungary: 3 revolts 1597-1632 1597Portugal and Hungary revolted against Spain, 1640 Naples and Sicily against Government and Nobility, 1647 Russian urban revolts: 1641, 1645, 1648 France: Nobles versus Monarchy 1648-1652 1648Switzerland: Peasant Rebellion, 1656 English Civil War/English Revolution Image of Agnes Waterhouse, hanged as a witch in 1566. This image comes from the first English witch-trial pamphlet, The Examination and Confession of certaine Wytches . . . A chaotic world fueled existing fears about evil , heresy, and the Devil Europeans-- Europeans--both Catholics and Protestants Protestants-imposed order by identifying and eliminating perceived threats 9 4/17/2009 "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" These depictions from the Papal Bull, 1484 Saducismus Triumphatus (1681) relate the sorts of acts Christian churches associated with the devil and witchcraft, including Satan attending a witches' Sabbath. This "manual" remained influential into the 18th centu...
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