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13 EM Conflict Slides

No way and your council of blood doesnt scare us

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Unformatted text preview: d doesn't scare us! Phillip's efforts to recapture control of the Netherlands led to a rebellion led by Wm of Orange and the "sea beggars" Wm of Orange's rebellion ended in the Pacification of Ghent Wm leads all 17 provinces i Religious toleration No Spanish troops But . . . Netherlands divides once again into: Spanish/Catholic south Protestant/French/English north Early Modern Wars of Religion: England Elizabeth focused on compromise and stability to reverse the divisions her half-sister fueled halfElizabethan Religious Settlement Mary's Catholic legislation repealed Act of Supremacy revived Act of Uniformity: Book of Common Prayer with Catholic flavor Anglicanism prevails 4 4/17/2009 Cousins and Rivals: Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots The Puritans--devoted to purifying the Church of Puritans-- England-- England--make their official appearance in 1564 Elizabeth used "privateers" like Sir Francis Drake to patrol her waters and to raid Spanish ships coming from the Americans I'll show her, dang meddling woman! Phillip became convinced t...
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