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Phillip became convinced that if he invaded england

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Unformatted text preview: hat if he invaded England, Elizabeth's subjects would rise against her and back him The Golden Hind, Drake's ship and one of many used for privateers So he launched a naval attack using his formidable Armada 5 4/17/2009 England's navy was not to be defeated, however, and Phillip's Armada sailed home in disgrace TYW embroiled much of Europe-- Europe-- especially the HRE--in devastating politiHRE-- politireligious warfare for national supremacy Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 8 August 1588 by Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg, 1796 TYW Phase I: Bohemian 1618, Protestant Bohemian Revolt against Catholic King/HRE Ferdinand II Maximilian of Bavaria and the Catholic League defeated Protestant noble rebels at the Battle of White Mountain (Prague, 1620) 6 4/17/2009 After Ferdinand's victory at White Mountain, he resumed the Bohemian throne and 1000s of Protestants fled to Saxony and Hungary Phase I: Catholics/Ferdinand 1 Protestants/Rebels 0 TYW Phase II: Danish King Christian IV Albrecht von Wallenstein Phase II: Catholics/Ferdinand 2 Protestants/Rebels 0 TYW Phase III: Swedish Gustavus Adolphus united French funds and his Lutheran devotion to invade deep into Germany, where he met Wallenstein at the Battle of Lutzen, 1632 TYW Phase III : Wallenstein assassinated--is this the assassinated-- end for the Catholics? But the imperial army routs the Swedes, hampere...
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