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EUH 2001 RA 3: The Cheese and the Worms Due 4/8 /09 The Cheese and the Worms is generally considered a challenging—too challenging—study for survey classes. That’s hooey, because Menocchio’s story is not only lively and human, it’s accessible and revealing. In the trial and beliefs of this miller, we have virtually every theme that defines this class: context, heresy and orthodoxy, bridges, individualism, tradition, and community. Like Petrarch, Menocchio is living a life that spans two worlds as one morphs into the other, and the context of his life is vital to understanding his transgressions, trial, and fate. Of particular concern for us is how Menocchio fits into the course of Western Civilization at the juncture between Renaissance-Reformation and Early Modern Europe. This is a vibrant story of a man on trial for heresy, but his trial is embedded in several distinct contexts—had he lived a century earlier or later, his story might have been very different. So, for this RA, I want you to focus on what made Menocchio and his trial “tick.” To narrow your field,
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