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EUH 2001 Discussion Prep: The Reformation “The Unity of Classical and Christian Learning”—“Thinking with the Church” One of the most potent elements in the Reformation was the emphasis on authority—its source, its measure, its consequences. Each of the sources you have in TWW, presented chronologically through the Reformation, deals with this issue in some way. As we saw with politics, the impact of religious changes went well beyond crises of faith, but they were inextricably tied to faith and to salvation
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Unformatted text preview: anxiety. If a European Christian listened to his king and not his pope, and he was wrong, would he be damned? To prepare for discussing the sources, track the shifting ideas about authority in them. You can make a chart, write a paragraph, etc.—but whatever form you decide upon, pay attention to the source of authority, who is supposed to be in charge, examples of obedience, obligations between the authority and the obedient, and the consequences of disobedience....
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