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Renaissance Discussion Prep

Renaissance Discussion Prep - were Renaissance women too...

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EUH 2001 Discussion Prep: The Renaissance “The Prince, the Nobility, and the People”—“Portrait of a Renaissance Artist” Where to start? The Renaissance is so rich, and your sources come from a diverse pool. Our goal will be to see the Renaissance as an organic whole, so let’s mesh all this together. Let’s start with this: Based on the sources in TWW, write a definition of a “Renaissance man” (yes, there
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Unformatted text preview: were Renaissance women, too, but these sources are all from guys). Try to use all, but at least two, of the sources. Renaissance Man (n.) Now, let’s do something creative: Use three of the art slides we have for this lecture (find them on the website) and write a caption for each from the assigned reading (be sure to provide the title and page number of the sources)....
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