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9/2/2010 Bede Writing (Latin to Old English ) (31000 lines in O.E.) Religious History Christianity conquering England Evil: Drunkenness, Famine approached unsympathetically because they are not Christians yet. King Arthur Unites England He is Christian influence Middle English Lyrics Often Sung Alliteration helps with memorization, and rhythm End rhyme often found (major shift) Beowulf Epic (chivalry, beating the odds, repeating phrases, romance) Heroic Aspect Possibly Oral Story Includes characteristics present in a warriors society First word is “ listen ” suggests there is a speaker and audience Old English Form of Beowulf 44 Numbered Sections
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Unformatted text preview: • 3182 lines in alliterative verse. Common for poems composed in Old Norse Old Saxon, and Old High German 2 half lines separated by a caesura Each half line contains 2 stresses, on of which must alliterate with the third • 2200 Lines of dedicated to Beowulf’s youthful exploits • 50 years pass remaining third of poem details death Key Literary Features • Epithet “Nicknames” • Kenning • Alliteration • Kenning (Compounded Phrases) “Beowulf” Bee+wulf=Bear • Motif- repeat story element • Variation- different name, same person • Digression- falling away from the main subject (fluff) extra info...
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