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Final Essay Intro - Harris 1 Connor Harris Dr Terry English...

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Harris 1 Connor Harris Dr. Terry English 231 10 Dec. 2010 God and Society Collide Everyday we come across people who have chosen to make an impact, both good and bad, through their actions. Some decide to dedicate their lives to helping less fortunate, while others spend their time counseling troubled individuals. Unfortunately, some also decide to drive under the influence resulting in the death of a family, or lead an entire people to hate and exterminate and entire “inferior” population. Yet all the time, we are told that, “God has a plan.” If God does have a plan, then one might question why we constantly see these atrocities when we clearly have the ability to show the same compassion and love given to us by the Lord himself. Is it because these terrible decisions are a part of God’s plan? Is it because He has a soft spot for bad people? Or do we make these decisions regardless of the will of the Lord? Are we soldiers simply stepping to the beat of his drum, or are we left to the consequences of our own choices? “Fate versus free will” is a conflicting interest that has been around since the beginning of time. In early British literature, heroes such as Beowulf, Dr. Faustus and Sir Gawain struggle with this very thing. Constantly one sees them question a predetermined journey with consideration to the potential that they have the freedom to choose. Everyone ponders these opposing views and the fact that the answer is uncertain is frustrating. We all long for knowledge because knowledge is power. To get a better understanding of this struggle between ideas join us tonight, in this once- in-a-lifetime opportunity, as three highly acclaimed authors, two of which will be revealing their true identity, debate this interesting and questionable topic. The originator of Beowulf,
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Harris 2 Christopher Marlowe, and the person known as, “the Gawain poet” will attempt to iron out these highly intriguing viewpoints in a debate at Rudder Tower on the Texas A&M campus at 8 pm also airing on most local cable channels. Admission is free and open to the public. Christopher Marlowe, born in 1564 in Canterbury has grown up to become a highly
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Final Essay Intro - Harris 1 Connor Harris Dr Terry English...

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