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CHEM 281-2011-3 TUTORIALS NOTICE - table of contents and...

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CHEM 281 Tutorials There are NO tutorials in the first week of classes. The tutorials in Week 2 will concern a general introduction to Organic Chemistry . Problem Sets will be assigned each week, starting in Week 2, for discussion in the tutorials of the following week. These will be selected, in part, from the problems that are listed in the course textbook - Organic Chemistry, Custom Volume 1 by Paula Bruice (6 th edition). Of note, this book is for your general reference - I am not teaching from it, so to speak. Please use the
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Unformatted text preview: table of contents and index to locate relevant material in order to supplement your lecture notes as well as the detailed lecture notes that I will place on the web. • Multiple copies of the course textbook will be placed on reserve in the library in order for you to access these problems, if you are using a different textbook for general reference. • The problem sets aren’t assessed but working through them by yourself , rather than just picking up the answers in tutorials, is a key to success!...
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