Notes for ECE 314 presentation

Notes for ECE 314 presentation - STEP 1) Educate yourself...

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STEP 1) Educate yourself about adoption- Educating yourself about adoption means reading everything you can get your hands on, listening to all voices from the adoption community, learning the terms commonly used in adoption, your state laws, and connecting with others who have information and experiences to share. STEP 2) Examine Your Capabilities- Even if you already know you want to adopt a waiting child, you should consider what type of child you are willing to bring into your family. What disabilities and challenges can you comfortably handle? What age range, background, ethnicity? Are you open to helping your child maintain contact with his/her birth family members? Could you provide a home for two or more siblings? Your home or access to services may not accommodate a child with certain challenges. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you cannot be all things to all people, and a realistic evaluation will result in greater success for your adoptive family. STEP 3) when you adopt a child who is currently waiting in foster care, fees are not only often kept to a minimum or even waived, but many of the children will be eligible for federally-funded or state-funded adoption subsidy payments which help you meet the child's ongoing needs. In addition, some children qualify for SSI (Social Security Insurance) payments or Medicaid coverage because of their medical conditions. After families have finalized the adoption of a waiting child from the public child welfare system, they may be able to apply for reimbursement of expenses they paid related to the adoption, which may include home study fees, travel expenses to meet the child, attorney fees, etc. Each state sets a maximum cap which cannot exceed $2,000 per adoption. STEP 4) It’s natural to assume that adopting a child in the care of the state is done exclusively
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Notes for ECE 314 presentation - STEP 1) Educate yourself...

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