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ECE 430 September 12, 2011 Chapter 1 and 2 Reflections Chapter 1 1. In my case, the concept of my own self-identity is still fairly new to me. I was never confident as a child in who I was or in anything I did. My self-esteem issues held me back from doing a whole bunch of things that would have been considered normal for a child and an adolescent. I always thought the root of my shyness was my crooked teeth, but now looking back with the knowledge I have learned, I know now that the reason for being shy was caused by my dad always telling me what to do and what not to do. As a child I was always sort of barred from doing things with my siblings and cousins- even if it was just to go play at the park. So I always felt left out and would often play by myself while all the other kids were out and about and having fun. Today, I have had many things happen to me that have brought me out of my shell; for instance, getting braces opened the first door to having self-confidence. I was talking to more people and was able to have fun as if I was making up for lost time as a child. I have learned that being sheltered as a child doesn’t help you at all when you enter into public school or in any public setting where you must interact with people. I cannot quite elaborate more on my self-identity because to this day I still feel like that little girl who needs her parents approval before doing anything, and I think that affects how I make my own choices and how I live my life. However, I am working on being independent and not being so scared of making mistakes.
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2. For me, it is quite easy to strike up a conversation with someone I haven’t met before. It’s a new trait that trait that I have developed, but it not only help me come out of my
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reflection1 - ECE 430 September 12, 2011 Chapter 1 and 2...

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