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Iliad notes book 9 - Hector finds Paris hiding with Helen...

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Thee battle (between Trojans and Achaeans) continues but the Trojans are slowly pushed back. Ajax is the first to break through Trojan lines in-depth description Aeneas and Hector (Trojans best warriors) rally troops to prevent fleeing That slowed the Achaean advance. Glaucus and Diomedes meet in no man's land to fight each other. But they become friends and trade armor. Glaucus' original armor was worth much more. Helenus also tells Hector to tell all noble women to make a sacrifice to Athena.
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Unformatted text preview: Hector finds Paris hiding with Helen and tells him to fight. They go to fight together. Hector emerges as main Trojan leader Paris is weak and doesn't like fighting Menelaus spares Adrestus (he's a nice man) Epithets Hector - helmet flashing Zeus - lord of storm and lightning Glaucus - the young captain Belleron - a man without fault...
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