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Lecture 2 2010 Inked - I. Introduction (Lecture 1) A....

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1 I. Introduction (Lecture 1) A. Econometrics – brief definition. B. Econometrics – body of knowledge, methods. C. Applied Research – what we do with it. Some Key Terms: c Econometrics c Dependent variable c Independent variable c Population parameter c Disturbance c Time-series data c Cross-section data c Pooled Data or Panel Data PRS Grading Survey/Participation questions : Full credit for participating with reasonable answers. Hitting any button just to get in doesn’t cut it. Graded questions : Full credit for correct answers; half credit for incorrect, but sensible answers. These questions appear in a box.
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2 PRS 1 : Which of the following best represents econometrics? 1. Econometrics makes statements or hypotheses that are mostly qualitative in nature. 2. Econometrics is concerned with economic measurement. 3. Econometrics expresses economic theory in the form of equations without regard to empirical verification. 4. Econometrics is concerned with collecting, processing and presenting data. PRS 2:
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Lecture 2 2010 Inked - I. Introduction (Lecture 1) A....

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