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1 Announcements Exam 1 – Thursday, Feb. 18 . Exams are in Lab, applied questions and theory. During your regularly scheduled Thursday lab. Friday lab – schedule a time for Thursday evening using the Doodle link on the website. During exam you get: formula sheet; t table; Excel functions. Course Notes at CDC – cost about $10.50. I. Introduction II. Statistical and Notational Preliminaries A. Introduction B. Elements of Statistical Theory 1. Prerequisites: Summarizing di ib i i i i i l distributions, point estimation, interval estimation, hypothesis testing. 2. Bivariate measures: covariance and correlation. 3. Expected Values. 4. Estimators and Desirable Properties 3. Expected Values. a. Definition The weighted sum of all possible values of a random variable; weights are probabilities or relative frequencies. b. Measure of central tendency – average all possible values for a random variable – Population mean .
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