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Lecture 32 - 211 Fall 2009

Example experiment your random sample of experiment

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Unformatted text preview: . Rejection Non- 4. Hypothesis tests - σX known. Hypothesis Hypothesis Test Start to Finish. Example: Experiment – your random sample of Experiment textbook costs (n = 16). Assume we know that σX = $146.64. Let’s test a true null hypothesis. true 1) Hypothesis – Null and Alternative. 2) Choose α = 0.10 3) Critical Value(s): Standardized Standardized Test: Turn the sampling distribution into a z. 3 4) Estimate: Calculate your sample mean, sample standard deviation, and test statistic: zcalc = σX X − μ0 n PRS 2: Calculate your z-score for this test. your Round to 2 decimal places – report that value. decimal 5) 5) Compare: Where does your test statistic fall? zcalc vs. zα/2 6) Conclusion: Example: Example: Hypothesis Test Start to Finish. Cell Cell phone drivers – are they impaired? impaired Compare Compare – cell phone drive to a “baseline driver” and an “intoxicated driver.” Data Data collection: controlled experiment of 40 men and women using driving simulator men and women using a driving simulator. Results: Resu...
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