Lecture 32 - 211 Fall 2009

Strayer drews and crouch a comparison of the cell

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Unformatted text preview: lts: cell phone drivers did worse than the intoxicated drivers on average in breaking reaction time and number of accidents. Strayer, Drews and Crouch. “A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver.” Univ. of Utah. 4 Example: Hypothesis Test Start to Finish. Research question: Do cell phone drivers perform worse than intoxicated drivers on breaking response time? The mean response time for intoxicated drivers was 779 ms. 1) Hypothesis – Null and Alternative. Null Hypothesis: Alternative Hypothesis: 2) Choose α: α = 0.05 3) Critical Value(s): t(0.05,39) = 1.685 Hypothesized Hypothesized Sampling Distribution Or: Standardized Test: Once Once the hypothesis test is set-up: set4) Estimate: Sample of 40 cell phone drivers had a sample mean of 849 ms and a sample standard error of 36 ms. 5 5) Compare – complete the Standardized t-test: Standardized t- 6) Conclusion? 6) Write your conclusion - A stand-alone statement: • Reject H0 : a template. 6...
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