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Important Characters Coon (Antenor's son) - sees Agamemnon kill brother; wounds Agamemnon, then is killed by him Epithets Aeneas - loved by Trojans like a god Zeus - the father; the father of men and gods Agamemnon - lord of fighters Great Ajax - Telamon's son Achilles - the brilliant runner Plot Summary starts in the middle of fighting Zeus rains blood on the Greeks, and they are losing badly Greeks start having some success Agamemnon has a killing spree Zeus (through Iris) takes Hector out of the battle, tells him to attack after Agamemnon is wounded Hector rallies troops, but stays back himself detailed description of fighting Agamemnon kills Coon's brother Coon is mad; he wounds Agamemnon Agamemnon kills Coon Agamemnon retreats because of his wound Hector has a killing spree, and the Trojans are winning Greeks know Zeus is helping Trojans, and they fight anyway Odysseus and Diomedes have a killing spree, and raise morale
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Unformatted text preview: Diomedes' spear is blocked by Hector's helmet, unnerving Hector, so he retreats Paris shoots Diomedes in the foot, so he retreats Odysseus decides to stay and fight, alone, to "make his mark in war" Socus stabs through Odysseus' shield, armor and skin, but doesn't kill him. Odysseus kills that guy Menelaus and Ajax rescue Odysseus Paris injures Machaon (1 of 2 healers) Ajax is greatly outnumbered; Eurypylus helps him Paris injures Eurypylus Achilles sends Patroclus to find out who is injured (Machaon) Nestor tells Patroclus a long story about his glory days Nestor tells Patroclus to urge Achilles to fight, or impersonate Achilles Patroclus' fighting spirit leapt up Patroclus heals Eurypylus on his way back, with knowledge learned from Achilles Important Lines Greeks know Zeus is helping Trojans, and they fight anyway...
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