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Res Ec 703: Econometrics Order Of Topics And Readings For Lecture 22, November 23, 2010 Source Pages Topic Right-Hand-Side Variables That Do Not Abide By The Classical Assumptions BM 117-120 Treating the design matrix (X) as not fixed and finding the instrumental variable estimator. BM 121 Kennedy: What to do when a regressor is not fixed. one-page insert (This is a brief introduction to instrumental variables). Hausman his paper The classic paper on test procedures relating to the possible
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Unformatted text preview: endogeneity of a regressor (Let me know if you would like a copy). GHJ Chapter 14 Large Sample Theory And Models With Random Regressors (Read this chapter). BM 120-122 The instrumental variable estimator and its asymptotic variance BM 122-123 Setting up Hausman’s Test BM 124- middle p. 125 Instrumental variable example BM middle p.125-126 What happens to our choice between OLS and IV estimators when we can’t find a good instrument?...
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