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University of Massachusetts Department of Resource Economics RESEC 797A Fall 2011 Assignment 2 : Due September 21, 2011 THE NAÏVE METHOD AND TREND REGRESSION General remarks relating to all assignments 1. Send me the web address, actual data in a spreadsheet, and variable description for each of your variables. (This is to be a part of Assignment 2). 2. As indicated at the bottom of the first page in Assignment 1, I want clear explanations. I do not want to see columns of data and individual calculations. 3. Organize your spreadsheet as you go. For example, use a separate page for each assignment. 4. Reserve the last several observations for ex post forecasts. Reserve 18 observations if you have monthly data, 8 observations if you have quarterly or annual data. You can keep the entire series as a column on your spreadsheet, but do not use the whole series for estimation. 5. For all future assignments, reserve these same numbers of observations for post-sample testing.
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